The first 30 days after adopting a shelter dog are the most critical to making your new dog comfortable with you and your home.  When your dog was in its previous home it was used to the way things were.  All of a sudden it finds itself in the shelter, a strange place, with strange sounds, and no familiar faces.  Now the dog is in your home, he doesn’t know what to make of what he’s just gone through.  He asks himself, who are these people, nothing looks the same.  

Read about Mitzi, Operation Buddy Rescue’s first rescue dog.

Give him time to acclimate to the new surroundings before you introduce people who do not live in the home.  If there are children in the home, they should know how to approach the dog so he does not get overwhelmed.  Plan to keep him on the same feeding schedule he was on for the first few days, then slowly work his schedule so it fits with yours.  Dogs have a sensitive digestive system.  If you switch your dog to a new brand of food, it must be introduced slowly over a matter of a week or so.  One part new food to 3 parts of the food he is used to and gradually increasing the new food as you decrease the old food.

Pet Adoption is a commitment through the lifetime of the pet.  They commit to you because you are the hero who rescued them from the shelter.  Your commitment to them should be the same.  You will be asking yourself, “Who rescued who?”

Operation Buddy Rescue is named after a dog that is now living happily in his fur-ever home.  Buddy was shipped around and went on an 8 week run until he was brought to a permanent home.


Mitzi is Operation Buddy Rescue’s first rescued dog.

She was a pregnant stray and brought to the shelter.  OBR took her in and delivered her 6 puppies.  Her puppies are almost ready for adoption and Mitzi will be placed in a foster home, spayed and adopted out to a new home of her own.
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